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Why Herbalife?

Herbalife is the global leader in low-calorie healthy meals designed to help you lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight. Since 1980, we have helped millions of people achieve their weight loss goals.

All Herbalife products are made with the strictest quality and health standards in mind, and as such are a fantastic way to help you reduce weight in a fast and healthy way. The Formula 1 shake, the most famous Herbalife product since 1980, is packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and is made to be the perfect, balanced, low calorie meal providing you with all the key nutrients you need during the day. In a sentence – all the nutrients, none of the calories and fats. Your perfect healthy meal.

Are the products really all natural?

Yes. They are all natural. All the products are extracted from the best countries worldwide and Herbalife has invested on labs and manufacturing companies on those specific countries. The contents of the products are extracted from natural herbs and plants of the finest quality to ensure a safe, clean and 100% natural journey to healthy nutrition. 

On average, how long does it take for results to be visible?

Replace one meal (either breakfast, lunch or dinner) for 5 days and slowly increase water intake. We recommend that during the 5 day trial, do not consume canned goods and noodles which are high in sodium, since it depletes your body water content. Also avoid bread which is high in trans fat. People who try the product out for a month have more visible effects, losing around 5-7 pounds depending on the frequency of intake of the products. 

Can Herbalife be used while breastfeeding?

A healthy balanced diet for a breastfeeding mom consists of all the right nutrients including folic acid, iron, etc. A balanced diet means that new moms should not skip any meal and take all the proper nutrients and vitamins to support breastfeeding.  You take these Herbalife products as an addition to your diet but not as a meal replacement. However, there are some restrictions for breastfeeding moms. For example, caffeine intake should be less than 200mg per day.

We suggests breastfeeding moms to take one Formula 1 shake, one green tea, and a handful of soy nuts daily. However, other Herbalife products can also be consumed while breastfeeding. So, you can take recommended Herbalife products additionally without skipping your meals. Herbalife products are full of nutrition, minerals, and vitamins that help a breastfeeding mom to feed her child effectively.

Herbalife side effect

Because all of the Herbalife products are derived from natural ingredients it's unlikely that you'll experience any side effects. I do suggest that if you're not normally drinking 1-2 glasses of regular milk per day then you maywant to mix your Herbalife Formula 1 shake in fruit juice, water or an alternative milk such as soy milk. This is because some people may be lactose intolerant which is found in regular milk.

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